A Spring Mood Board

I haven’t written in a long while – my sincerest apologies to my nonexistent audience *crickets* *just kidding there is no cricket sound because even crickets aren’t reading this*. Anyways, spring equinox has come and gone and the Pacific Northwest has taken its natural spring form – a couple of chilly, sunny days here and there, but mostly just consistent rain falling from gray skies creating oceans of mud in my front yard.

Though I’ve lived here my entire life, I’ve never let go of the ideal vision of spring – the sun burning in the blue sky day after day, lush green grass and flowers that bloom and linger for weeks without withering away, rabbits grazing in the field, etcetera (does spring actually look like this on some other, distant planet?).

Building upon this idea, here is a mood board that’s inspiring me throughout these last days of March and into a predictably very drenched April, as well.