“Linger on, your pale blue eyes…”

I’ve dropped by to deliver some irrelevant news! I’ve recently become infatuated with bright blue eyeshadow! I’m attributing this to a few different, very valid reasons:

  1. Twiggy in all her classic mod gloriousness

Blue Eyes.JPG

2) Suzy Bishop from Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom (I can’t believe I’ve referenced this movie twice in this blog, already. I promise I’m not that obsessed with it…)

3) David Bowie in the “Life on Mars?” music video – one of my favorites, ever. This is probably the most likely explanation.

I’ve complied a collection of some other A+ blue-eyed looks that are inspiring but will likely be unable to attempt because I am not skilled in the whole doing-a-decent-job-at-doing-my-makeup department. Anyways, enjoy. xx