Update / Mood, January 2019

It’s been a while since I wrote to the void that is the internet. I created my third lonely blog that is likely left unread and unloved by all except its author.

Life has treated me rather well in just the past half a year. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Washington State University Vancouver and got a job as the Digital Marketing Manager for the oldest and largest law firm in my home county. After a few months of saving up, I moved out of my parents garage and into the small and humble city of Vancouver with a lovely childhood theater friend who just moved back to the states after two years of working with refugees in Lebanon.

There are some things that have not been easy. Though I love my job, I’ve dealt with the reality of being stuck in the “8 to 5, Monday through Friday” machine and no longer having the privilege of switching things up every 15 weeks. I’m learning what it’s like to grow up and create my own boundaries, manage my finances (did you know that everything in life really does costs money?), and learning what it’s like to be truly independent. It’s a life experience that is packaged with pride and the first hits of loneliness I’ve ever felt.

Though I’m quite close with my family and have a generous amount of friends, I’ve always considered myself an independent person. I have no problem taking myself out for a bite or drink (and usually pray that no one invades my solitude). I attend concerts alone. As cliche as it sounds, my interests are often the only company I desire. I can’t speak for how I’ll feel years down the road, but I’m truly happy to live life by my own standards. However, I’ve certainly felt pings of loneliness as I learn to adapt and function as a single young adult.

Here are some visuals that reflect how I feel.